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Jasper can't find driver in apache folder

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I want to add a new driver and added it to the tomcat->lib in my JasperSoft directory. But when I want to install it over the webpage it isn't listed there to install.

Does anyone have an idea what causes this problem? Or am I supposed to add the driver file to another location?

Thanks ;)

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Hey hozawa,Thanks

Thanks for your answer. I tried it serveral times, and restartet the server and firefox. Stopped the services and processes so that really nothing was running anymore. Restartet everything, but didn't find it.

I also read online to copy it into the folder you mentioned, but didn't work out as well :/

Next try was to add it to C:Jaspersoftjasperreports-server-cp-6.1.0buildomaticconf_sourcedb as i read in a forum. Nothing as well :/

I'm running out of ideas right now. There are lib folders in the sub-folder "java" in "JasperSoft", maybe put it there?

Unfortunately I can't find the thread anymore which suggested "copy the driver file to the locale file system where the browser runs". Any idea ?

Thanks ;)


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Yes I'm using 6.1.0. Could you please explain what you mean by that or how I can do that? :)

By now I'm using http://localhost:8080/jasperserver , right klick on "Data Source" -> "Add Resource" -> "Data Source". And in the Dropdown-Menu "JDBC-Driver" my Driver file is not listed. :/




Here is the link to the advise "The desired JDBC driver must be copied to the local file system from where the browser is run.". But I don't really know where to put my file :/ It should be correct placed in tomcat->lib


Maybe that's what you meant. I managed to get pop up where I could upload a file. But when I browse my jar.file it just shows me a warning "name", nothing else :/

What could there be the problem?

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Ok thank you ver much!

But in the line "JDBC Driver (required)" what am I supposed to put in there? The name of my driver, the directory?

When I do a window pops up and I need to browse a file. And when I browse my driver file it just says "name" with a warning symbol in front of it but no further information. :/

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Which database and driver are you using? If you don't know what the jdbc driver is, it's probably better to get somethody with more experience to help you.

Also, try going to the forum of your database vendor to obtain more information on using jdbc drivers.

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I want to use SAP DB, with sapdbc.jar as driver file.

I found this on a website "com.sap.dbtech.jdbc.DriverSapDB" and put it in the line "JDBC Driver (required)" then when I browse my Driver file I don't get any error, but it doesn't upload either. :/

Thanks for your help so far hozawa. :)

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Ok, think the problem is solved.

I changed from firefox to IE and it worked there. The driver is now listed in the drop-down menu.

I entered "com.sap.dbtech.jdbc.DriverSapDB" and browsed my driver file there.

Thank you very much hozawa. You really helped me ;)

Btw: Once installed and registered in IE it also worked in Firefox.

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