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Jasper reports SQL query error upgraded to v6.1


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I upgraded the Jasper server from v6.0.1 to v6.1, all my reports which have SQL queries associcated with them are now crashing with the following error:

org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryParserException: TEIID30378 Direct usage of XQuery is no longer supported, use XMLQUERY instead.

org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryParserException: TEIID31100 Parsing error: Encountered "[*]declare[*] @InputTable LegalApps_dbo.udtGlobalEntityId" at line 1, column 1. Was expecting: "alter" | "begin" | "call" | "create" | "delete" | "drop" | "exec" | "execute" | "insert" | "merge" ...


My SQL query is as follows:

declare  @InputTable utd

insert into @InputTable

select PersonID from dbo.vPersonTable where ($X{IN,PersonID,ic_SelectUser})
select *  from dbo.foobar
where someID in (select * from someFunction(@InputTable,$P{ic_IncludeTeam}))
How do I change the SQL query to run the report successfully. Can anyone please give me any pointers.
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