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iText vs jasper reports

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By: sdteam - sdteam

iText vs jasper reports

2005-07-06 00:28


I don't know much about iText and its supported formats but I have seen a pdf report on iText which looks really great especially the vertical lines and table borders have come perfectly.


In what way japer reports have advantage over iText?


Does iText internally uses jasper reports?






By: rod - rodrigofil

RE: iText vs jasper reports

2005-07-06 00:36

Jasper reports has several advantages because with Japser reporsts you can create a pdf file, an excel, or print your report.





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: iText vs jasper reports

2005-07-06 01:17

You are comparing apples against pears....


JasperReport is (as the Name says) a REPORTING tool....


iText (as the Name says) is just a text tool for generating PDF files from java.


So you can't compare it!!!!

Jasper uses iText to generate PDF-files from the reports....

For excel-output the "poi" library is used ... so you can't also compare JasperReports against poi or iText against poi....


clear enough???







By: sdteam - sdteam

RE: iText vs jasper reports

2005-07-06 01:34

So you are saying that jasper uses iText to generate PDF-files and poi library for Excel.

I Got it now.


The very reason why I asked this is that I have never seen a table (whose content is large and atleast 4 pages) in jasper report with the perfect borders in pdf format and some one gave me wrong information that iText can be used to generate Excel format also which made me to ask my previous question..


If anybody here know some links where I can find sample jasper reports in pdf that has borders in its table kindly intimate me!

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