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timezone conversion in group by day (URGENT)


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Dear Japser,

We are using AWS Jasper server (version 6.0.1). The time in Redshift database and Jasper server are both UTC. We'd like to show the time with Australia/Sydney time, so I added Australia/Sydney to the timezone list in applicationContext.xml and restarted tomcat. Then I log onto the web with Australia/Sydney timezone.  

There is a record, the column created_on is 2015-05-10 23:12:46 (UTC)  // Corresponding Sydney time is next day: 2015-05-11 09:12:46.

I can see the time is converted to Sydney time if I show the details of this record, but If I use "Group by day" for the this column, the day is "2015-05-10" (should be "2015-05-11" Sydney time). If I use "Group by hour of day", the result is right: 2015-05-11 09 AM. Can you please have a look with priority. Thank you.



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Ernestoo, thank you very much for your reply. I tried the timezone setting in Data Source, but no luck. Looks like this is a bug. Could you please have a further look?

In the JDBC connection screent of Data Source, "Use Database Setting" is selected for time zone. Our database is redshift which does not support  tmestamps with time zones. We put UTC timezone in redshift.

I tried changing the setting in Data Source to "UTC", but the result is same. 


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