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Keep two bands from splitting


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I've been struggling with this for quite a while. My main issue is to have the same behavior of a band with fields not splitting (using SplitType = "Prevent"), except that I have two bands and the second one can only be printed with the first one. What I have today is this:

||Other Band|||  |Band 1|  ||____________| ____________|  |Band 2|  ||            |[/code]What I need to do is this:
||Other Band|||            ||____________| ____________|  |Band 1|  ||  |Band 2|  |[/code]

Anyone know how I should face this? I thought about using subreports, but I'm not sure what combination of properties I should use with them to achieve this and this would be a major change in the system. I also can't put all the fields in one band, as this is part of a dynamic report system and the bands are custom by the user.

Thanks in advance!

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