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How to overcome band height limitation issue?


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Hi, I am working on a jasper report which has total 15 requirements and all these requirements should be included in a single jasper report. Report contains tables and charts. What I planed is I will keep all tables in detail band and all charts in summary band. But still I can't add all requirements in siongle report. Tables I can fit in detail band, but for chart I can,'t reduce the charty size as individual chart has useful data and it  should occupy full width of summary band.

And I have 6-7 charts. Is there any way we can adjust the height of summary band as per our need. I tried but I could increase it till max  802.  Please give me solution for this.

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Can you put some or all of the charts each in its own sub-report?  (Not always possible I know.)

I am not sure if it will allow you to by pass 801 px limit as I only have 3 sub reports in one summary.

Alternately you can try making a second detail band and using that for the chart. (Also not always possible.)



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Report detail band can stretch based on its content but summary band can't.

My suggestion for you is to create sub report(s) to display your charts, then put those sub reports into main report. The height of the sub report(s) can be set at minimal, say 10 pixes. This way we can rely on JasperReports to stretch the report content into the next page if neccessary, without having to worry about how to screeze every report elements into a finite space limited to the page height minus top and botton margin, and other non detail band heights.

By the way, thanks for the suggestions made by "abc", Peter, and "Jo" to help out our users. Your guys are super:)!

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