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How I can repeat the same report in 1 sheet?


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I'm doing a program that executes a report, but do not know how to repeat the report 2 times on the same sheet, could someone guide me?


(Estoy haciendo un programa que ejecuta un informe, pero no sé cómo repetir el informe 2 veces en la misma hoja, me podria alguien orientar?)

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Yes. subreport will surely.

Let your report be Report1. Save as this Report1 as Report2 in the same location.

Now think of your Report1 is your first subreport and Report2 is your second subreport.

Finally create a main report which can consume the above subreports.  Place these subreports in 2 different groups.  Thus, you can see the same result coming twice in the sheet.

There might be other solution without using subreports also.









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