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Import one.jrxml in another.jrxml

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By: DarMe - darme

Import one.jrxml in another.jrxml

2005-06-23 12:40

Is there a possibility to import one jrxml-template into another jrxml-template?


I have the following situation:

I have many reports which are equal in the base layout. I would like to create one baseLayout including the frame of all reports and only the 'inner' layout should change from report to report.

For a better maintenacne I thought I could create one base-jrxml-template and import the 'inner' layout.


Exists any way I could realise this?


Thanks a lot






By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Import one.jrxml in another.jrxml

2005-06-23 22:44

I don't think so... but what I'd suggest to you... make your "outer" layout as an simple report containing your frame, date, pageXofY, Title (via Parameter) or whatever else and put a SubReport on it.... so you can use ONE "MasterReport" and your differently subReports contain the actual data.

Of course you must pass your datasource and SubReport date via parameter to pass it through to the SubReport that shall show the data.


give it a try....








By: DarMe - darme

RE: Import one.jrxml in another.jrxml

2005-06-24 11:30

I think this is a good idea...

but my subreports also has different layouts (so one is a table and another contains an enumeration)


So is it possible to add the subreport including the different layout to the MasterReport ? And how?


I thought you could only add data as parameters but not the layout...


Thanks a lot






By: DarMe - darme

RE: Import one.jrxml in another.jrxml

2005-06-29 05:26

ok... only thinking, then writing *sorry*

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