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Invalid regular expression and visualize is not defined on Jasper Server Pro 6.0.0

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I am using jasper server pro evaluation version 6.0.0 for Proof of Concept purpose about Visualize.js

I just follow visualizejs-getting-started tutorial and here is my fiddle code.

But no luck, I got an error below:

Error on Chrome

 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /[À-ß][€-¿]|[à -ï][€-¿]{2}|[ð-÷][€-¿]{3}/: Range out of order in character class
jasper1.html:13 Uncaught ReferenceError: visualize is not defined
Error on Firefox:
SyntaxError: invalid range in character class
...):h(e)},f=function(e){return p(e,!0)},m=new RegExp(["[À-ß][€-¿]","[à -ï][€...
visualize.js (line 72, col 27353)
ReferenceError: visualize is not defined visualize({
Please help, I'm stuck.


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I found the solution for the issue. It seems that thre is a regex issue with the "m=new RegExp(["[À-ß][€-¿]","[à -ï][€...". I played around with the regex and able to get it to work. For now im using m = new RegExp(["[Àß-][¿-]", "[àï-][¿-]{2}", "[ð÷-][¿-]{2}"].join("|"), "g"), . This might not be the intended regex. But far now it seems to work. 

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It looks like using the minimized version of visualize.js is completely broken. The only way to get it to work is by setting ?_opt=false

Setting _opt=true puts all the javascript files into 1 minified file instead of downloading all files individually.

I really hope they fix this, because the unminified version is incrediable slow to load.

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