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.NET Desktop Application and JasperReports Server - How to?


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I need a sugestion for the best practice - I hope you can help me.

I want to develop a .NET Windows Application. All reports should be created by the JasperReports Server (I need cascading paramters and some more features from the server).

I have 2 scenarios:

1) The user should be able to select a report and then open it in the application (no change to webbrowser and type in the JRS location), fill out the paramters, see a preview of the report and then selct print to printer or pdf

2) The user should press a button on the UI. In background a specified report will be opend with paramters that the UI selected and print directly to a printer that are in the settings of the applications is stored.

Is it possible to do that? Is there a JasperReports Viewer Control available for .NET?

Thanks for your response

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I have meanwhile create a working Proof-of-Concept version of my requirements

My last needed part is following: On JSR i use input control to ask the user for paramters.
My Client is using ....getWSClient().runReport().... to get the report filled with data. How can I show the Input controls on the client so that the user can select them?

BTW: I using sometimes cascading paramters in the report.

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