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Draw points into word generated report


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I'm generating a report and exporting it to MS Word format (programatically). The report has an image and I want to draw points (as indenpendent objects, not really drawn in the image) over the image that can later be selected and moved using MS Word application.

Is it possible to add point or rectangle elements to the report to achieve my target?

Thank you very much.

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This seems to work for pdf exported documents, but fails for docx ones:

JRBasePrintEllipse elipse = new JRBasePrintEllipse(jasperPrint.getDefaultStyleProvider());elipse.setBackcolor(Color.RED);elipse.setForecolor(Color.RED);elipse.setX(50);elipse.setY(50);elipse.setWidth(10);elipse.setHeight(10);elipse.setFill(FillEnum.SOLID);jasperPrint.getPages().get(0).addElement(elipse);[/code]


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