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when i use pdf font Times-Roman, i don't know why there is kind of..right indent


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[Jaspersoft iReport Designer 4.5.0]

I tried to use pdf font, Times-Roman but when i checked my report. there is a problem like this 


first paragraph information is, pdf font : HYSMyeongJo-Medium, pdf-encoding : UniKS-UCS2-H (Korean), checked pdf-Embedded, left indent:40 and right indent : 0

second paragraph information is, pdf font : Times-Roman, pdf-encoding : CP1250 (Central European), checked pdf-Embedded, left indent:50 and right indent : 0

it seems like ..there is right indent when i use Times-Roman Font .. i've been trying to solve above thing but i don't know what to do, what should i try?

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I really thank you for your answer. I set the font in the Text-Properties and what i want is just i want to show the sentence,"iReport PDF print test paragraph. font is Times Roman, Line Spacing: Fixed 4.0 ,Encoding: CP1252 (Western European", on the same line. but.. it made new line and cut my sentence so there is right empty space left..could you please remain comment again..?
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