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JREvaluator - Performance concerns

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By: Paul Smith - tallpsmith_au

JREvaluator - Performance concerns

2006-03-05 17:03

The following code in JREvaluator appears to be a big problem in some of the profiling we've done (JREvaluator.java):


public Object evaluate(JRExpression expression) throws JRExpressionEvalException


Object value = null;




value = evaluate(expression.getId());


catch (NullPointerException e)



catch (OutOfMemoryError e)


throw e;


catch (Throwable e)


throw new JRExpressionEvalException(expression, e);



return value;




Rather than catch a NullPointerException, could a simple:


if(expression==null){ return null;}


be inserted instead? The cost of creating an exception will add up in a large report, and this will short-circuit it.


This change would need to be made in a number of other places in the same file that do something similar.




Paul Smith



By: Lucian Chirita - lucianc

RE: JREvaluator - Performance concerns

2006-03-06 01:02

You are right, a null test *should* be performed on the expression and this case should not throw an exception which is immediately caught.


However, the NPE catch is still required so that expressions like ..$V{var}.intValue().. evaluate to null when the value of "var" is null.


I will commit the changes to CVS.


Thank you,


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