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Anything wrong with Time Input Control in 5.6.1?

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I created a report in Jasper Studio 5.6.1 that used a time input control. Published it on JasperReports Server AWS. Created an input control for my report with the type time. I happened to find that when I enter time between 12AM and 12:59:59PM, the return value is okay, while after that it is entered_time-12hours. i.e. it returns 01:25:28 for both 01:25:28 and 13:25:28.

Is it known issue? Any workaround?

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I found the reason. There is an ugly incorrect definition in files:




ISO_8601_TIME_PATTERN is defined as "hh:mm:ss" while it must be "HH:mm:ss"!

Just correct it in both files and go through reoptimization procedure if optimazation is enabled (refer to section "Customizing JavaScript Files" in JasperServer Ultimate Guide).



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