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Updating the jasperreports to version 5.1.0 causes of the javax.transaction.HeuristicMixedException.


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I have a problem with Jasperreports and ojdbc libraries after Jasperreports library updating to version 5.1.0. First of all I have defined in my application two configurations for the some different servers. One of them is configured for server which use Oracle 10g and based on the ojdbc14 library. Second is configured for server which use Oracle 11g and based on the ojdbc6. After updating jasperreports library generating reports functionality has stopped working with the configuration based on ojdbc14, I got following exception: javax.transaction.HeuristicMixedException. It's working correctly only with configuration based on ojdbc6 - there are no any exceptions, reports generating correctly.

We downloaded the jasperreport sources and debugged this functionality. It's look that the report is generating on the servers side correctly but when returns to client somewhere is calling commit to the database and after thet the HeuristicMixedException is shown.

Do You known why it has stopped working with ojdbc14? We updated all used and dependent libraries described in:


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