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Using Jasper Reports with Hibernate

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By: stone_cold - bssai

Using Jasper Reports with Hibernate

2006-02-17 01:10

I have a query or concern with respect to the JasperDesign class of the Jasper reports.


Let me be more clear on wat i would like to say, If u see the examples or samples which are under the samples folder of JSR/demo/samples/noxmldesign/ provided along with the binary , this particular struture has been given for those who does nt want to use the designing tool or to be precise the .jrxml file.


I am ok with creating my own structure. But the problem i am facing is In the program u have to pass the query to fill the report.But i already have the data in the form of objects using Hibernate. Now if at all i pass on the query again..Does it mean that i am doing a repeatition of the code by executing the query twice.


Let me show us with example.


This part of the code is in jsr/demo/samples/noxmlDesign/noxmlDesignApp.java



JRDesignQuery query = new JRDesignQuery();

query.setText("SELECT * FROM Address $P!{OrderByClause}");




Here is the click I dont want to send a query string again coz i have already got the queries data..i mean the result.


I hope u got my point.


Looking ahead for ur reply,



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Using Jasper Reports with Hibernate

2006-02-17 02:11




Supplying a query in the report template is optional.

If you already have you data in-memory, you could

wrap it using JRBeanCollectionDataSource implementation and pass this data source to the

report filling process.


Look at the supplied /demo/samples/datasource

sample provided with the project.


I hope this helps.


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