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Charts with PHP-Rest-Api - change image destination of chart


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I have a question regarding charts, using the jrs-rest-php-client-2.0.0.

I'm using the following instruction and want to print a report containing an chart (Anzahl_Testfaelle):

$report =$client->reportService()->runReport('/reports/samples/Anzahl_Testfaelle','html'); echo $report;[/code]

The problem here is, that the image source, related to the chart, is not working properly.

Following source is created in this example:

src="/jasperserver/rest v2/reportExecution/ .... /exports/ .... /img_0_0_0

Now I took the image( the image, that was created when compiling the report (local) in jaspersoft studio), stored it on an other server  and changed the link manually.

$report = $client->reportService()->runReport('/reports/samples/Anzahl_Testfaelle', 'html',null, "http://localhost:81/xampp/Dashboard/Images/");[/code]

This is working, but not what I want. Because I want several dynamic created charts on the same page.

Is there a possibility to change the destination folder and the name of the chart image dynamically in the report ?

(For example to set the destination link of the chart image to: http://localhost:81/xampp/Dashboard/Images/new_image_abc.png )

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