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JasperServer 5.6 AdHoc Chart Colors

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In version 5.5 the color series used for html charts could be changed by modifiying jasperserver-pro/scripts/adhoc/highchart.datamapper.js .

Version 5.6 uses optimized scripts now, but even with a modified jasperserver-pro/optimized-scripts/adhoc/chart/highchart.datamapper.js this has not the desired effect of setting alternate colors for my charts.

Where/how should I set my preferred color series for the adhoc charts?

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I am using Jasper Server 5.6 and the File "highchart.datamapper.js" is at the path "jasperserver-pro/optimized-scripts/adhoc/".I have applied those color changes at the file and restarted the tomcat server but i still see the old colors at the ad hoc charts.

I have also cleared the cache of tomcat as well as the browser.

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I struggled with this as well but finally found where to change the settings when we updated from 5.5 to 6.0.1 saw the color scheme changed but the files mentioned - highchart.datamapper.js had not


Go to jasperserver-pro/optimized-scripts/bower-components/bi-report/src/adhoc/chart/palette  - the old color palette is oldColorPalette.js and can be renamed to defaultPalette.js to update

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Hi , 

I am using Jaspersoft 6.0.1. I am unable to change the colors for the Ad Hoc view charts. I added colors in defaultPalette.js but, I see the changes only on the report charts. But no the Ad Hoc View. Could you please suggest I want to add colors to Ad Hoc View charts too.


Thanks & Regards,



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