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Hi everybody.

I'm having a problem with loading image into my jasper report. 

The report works fine when I load an normal image url, like http://www.somehost.com/someImage.jpg. The problem is that I need an image loaded from a servlet dynamically. Let's say that I have an storage provider, and the servlet  connect to that provider and download the image, so it can show it to the world. The url, then, is something like http://www.somehost.com/imageServlet?idImage=1234, and if I pass to jasper an url like that, it fails in loading the image.

Does anybody know a solution to this? I've already tried to pass the url as string, as java.net.URL, setting the property isLazy to true, moving the values of evalueation time, and nothing works :( Any idea would be wondeful to me.

PS: I'm using jasperreports 5.0.1

Thank you so much for the attencion.  Best regards.

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I have seen you have posted this image loading issue at other forum but it seems that no feasible solution has received. And here I just paste some related links which may help  you download image into jasper. Hope it can offer some useful information.





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