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Left clicking a drill down not working


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Hello, I am currently working on adding drill down on a dashboard made on the 5.5.0 version with Jaspersoft. I have an hyperlink to a global report when clicking on the background of a graph, which is working fine. But when the user click on a bar, I want a detailled report to open, with the same parameters with a little difference. But what happens is when we left click the bar, nothing happens, even if the cursor is the hyperlink one. What is weird is if the user use the middle mouse button instead, everything works fine. 

<itemHyperlink hyperlinkType="ReportExecution" hyperlinkTarget="Blank">
<hyperlinkTooltipExpression><![CDATA[$R{revenue} + " : "+ new java.text.DecimalFormat("#,##0").format($F{revenuaa}.doubleValue())+ " (" + $P{param_currency} +")"]]></hyperlinkTooltipExpression>
<hyperlinkParameter name="_report">
<hyperlinkParameter name="Office">
<hyperlinkParameterExpression><![CDATA[" "]]></hyperlinkParameterExpression>
<hyperlinkParameter name="year">
<hyperlinkParameter name="month_1">
<hyperlinkParameter name="nbperiods">
<hyperlinkParameter name="currency">
<hyperlinkParameterExpression><![CDATA[$P{currency_1}.equals("EUR") ? "EURO": $P{currency_1}]]></hyperlinkParameterExpression>

Is anyone know how I could fix this? Thank you!

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I had this exact same problem and reported it to Jaspersoft Technical Support.  Their answer:

"This is a known issue, bug 35212.  It is resolved in 5.6, (expected late May).

The workaround is to edit /webapps/jasperserver-pro/scripts/report/viewer.js and comment out the entire if (!it.localHyperlinksInitialized) block. The drawback however is that that will result in local anchor and local page hyperlinks not working in JRS."

A modified version of the viewer.js file was attached in the response, and perhaps if you open a ticket, they'll send you one too.  When I saved the updated file, the link worked!

Good luck,






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