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I want to assign a hyperlink to the Map component so that when I click on a marker on the map I can drill down to a different report. I could not find any documentation. I use the standard map component that is based on Google Maps. Can anybody give me a hint on how to do that?



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I use JS Studio:


In the MAP properties click on the "Marker List" button to access the Marker Dialog. THen add a property with the name "url" and set the value to the URL to your drill down report.


The source code would be looking something like this:




<c:itemProperty name="url" value="0">
<valueExpression><![CDATA["<LINK TO YOUR REPORT>"]]></valueExpression>



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I am using Tibco Maps for drill down the report. I am passing the path of the other report which is 

"/organizations/organization_1/capability/reports/SDM_Detail_Maps" but it is not working. I am passing this parameter in Target of Marker 

and in hyperlink parameter of Marker I am passing the filed 'City'

Also in Icon url I am passing the Image


But while publishing it on Jasper report server the icons are not appearing. Only appeaing in Jasper Soft report studio while previewing. 


Pls Advise




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