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How to change DataSourceReference at run time using REST API


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Hello All,

I am beginner in jsasper reports.

I have created a report using ireport 5.5.0 and deploy it in jasperserver 5.5.0.

I am able to run from my web application using REST API.

Now i have a requirement to chagne the datasource reference at run time.

More specific:   Currently i am using the PostgreSql as a database.

There might be requirement that i need to use MySQL (at run time) having database with same name and schema.

So, pleaes tell me how can i change the datasource reference using REST webservice.


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Top Posters In This Topic

I am to parameterize the queryString, but not found any info for dataSourceReference.

That we need to define at the time of deployment of report into jasperserver.

In addition i have not added any datasource at the time of deployment. I have taken a parameter for datasource.

From my web application I have passed the already added database(in jasperserver) reference to my xmlstring. But it is showing blank report.

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