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For some reason the Recently Viewed Items on the Jasper Server home page is not working. It use to work and just stopped one day. Cannot figure out why? It is working on our test environment. How is the Recently Viewed Items displayed and how can I fix this. Did a datasource or server report get deleted? Currently it is alway empty and our users liked when it would show their specific results. Just looking for some guidance to test fixes.

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Recently Viewed Items (RVI) works through REST API, so it's very strange that they stoped to work.

I have a few question to try to undestans what's going on:

  1. How do you deply JRS in production (Do you use proxy ? or deployng JRS as ROOT web app)
  2. Any javascript errors in browser's console ?

Also if you detected that RVI stoped to work, could you checj View->Search Results

Select "Viewed by Me" and type  Report or Adhoc. It should show the same results as RVI because underhood they use the same services.





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We installed using the bundled apache-tomcat server. There are no javascript errors in the browser. The search results "Viewed by Me" did not stop working, and still works now.


By inspecting the HTML of the RVI on our test server, we see it's drawn into a table. On Prod, the


Stranger yet is that this DID work in Prod, and one day we all noticed it was no longer there.

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I encountered the same issue. It ended up being to do with the server JRS was being run on, specifically the hostname routing.
When Jasper performs the HTTP request for the content to be displayed on the home page, a port number was put into the URL which was causing a time out.
Ask the server guy to help you out. It could also explain why it happened "out of the blue" because changes to the server's routing could have been made separately.

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