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Japser Server AWS problem - Menus are not coming up in browsers


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Hello forum,

I am using 3 browsers for testing.

When I type the jasper server url(let's say :http://sada.karjasper.com/bi/flow.html?_flowId=homeFlow) in the URL area in 3 browser I can only view all the menus available in jasper server in Chrome but not in Mozilla, IE & Safari...

It looks me very strange to me...

Any input/help will be highly appriciated.


Thank you.


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I apologize for the issues you are experiencing. As I couldn't reproduce the problem with our hourly offering, Can you please share the following information about your setup so I can dig a little deepr?

  • Which AWS product is this? (Hourly, BYOL or self deployment)
  • What is the instance size?
  • Which user is used to log into the server?
  • Were any changes to the permissions / rules made on the server?

Thank you,


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