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XML/A SSAS connection not available as report data source on deploy


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I am new to using XMLA-MDX connections within Jasper, that being said we have configured the independent cube server and gotten successful tests from both iReport 5.5 and Jasper Server Community 5.5 for the connection. I have written a report using the XMLA-MDX connection using the XMLA-MDX query lanuage and do get data from the MS SSAS server in iReport preview.

my problems start here:

1) when I attempt to upload the report to the Jasper instance, I get the error "The selected JRXML could not be parsed. You might have selected the wrong file." - is the XMLA-MDX language not supported within the server? Is it a Community version specific limitation? It is a JRXML file, if I change the connection type to MDX it will upload to the server, however, changing the report query language within iReport to MDX it does not get data from the SSAS server on preview, giving  the error: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: 

Unable to create SOAP connection factory: 

Provider org.apache.axis.soap.SOAPConnectionFactoryImpl not found

How can i get the xmla-mdx based report uploaded to the server? is it possible?

2) when uploading the now MDX query-specified report, when I attempt to link it to the XML/A OLAP Client Connection data source previously created, it does not show up at all as an option as a data source. SugarMart and FoodMart Mondrian connections do, but those are created as DB files "uploaded" to the server (as per documentation), I do not have that option at my disposal. I have attempted to create an OLAP view based on this connection, but I did not read anywhere in the documentation that this is what a report created using iReport to run on the XMLA client connection would use or need, as the query is included within the report itself.

What am I doing wrong that it's not a listed data source? The Test Connection has passed and I can see it in the repository as a data source.

Reading the OLAP guide, I have attempted to change the Datasource field from just the server name to: Provider=MSOLAP.4;Data Source=<actual IP address>;Catalog=<catalog name>; But this fails the connection. I am currently at a loss as to how to forge ahead to successfuly deploy the report to the server after many days of attempts. Most of the Questions asked about this topic are for older JS / iReport versions, notably 2.x-3.x and have not provided resolution to this issue with current builds.

Thanks in advance!

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