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Can anyone help me concerning the html5 chart(highchart) in jasper ireport? The issues is that I managed to create multiple yAxis using just a column chart and using Groovy Language in the html5 chart by using the chart property and value as below:


<hc:chartProperty name="yAxis">





But I still don't know how to input the yAxis properties such as "yAxis.title", "yAxis.max", etc. I still think that it is possible to modify the yAxis using the above code.

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It's a bit late I know, but I just answer in case that someone else gets to this page with the same question!


In Jasper Studio Professional 5.6.1:

Double click on the chart. Press the button "Show Advanced Properties". Select the tab "Context specific".

Press "Add" and select yAxis from the "Name". 

Add different yAxis for your y-axes and assign different _jrAxisIndex to them.

For each yAxis add a property "id" and assign a unique string to it.

Now you can customise every yAxis separately by adding properties like min, max, etc.


It is the time to assign yAxis to measures:

Go to Configuration, select a measure, using "Advance propertis" add a contributor "SeriesProperty", with property name "yAxis", in constant value type string id (without quote) of the yAxis you want to use for the measure (you already set this id in previous step).

Do it for all measure to assign them to the right axis.


I hope it helps!



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