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Problem with String list in columns


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I have a report fed by a java object, this object contains a list of strings, If I drag the list it prints the data, but when on a detail band with 4 columns it does not respect the columns, it just prints on the length of the field. How do I get around this.  I need the data on the list to be printed row by row and spread out in the 4 columns.


And if I can print it without the brackets “[]” that would be a big plus.


Thanks for reading




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The way columns work in reports is by iterating horizontally and then vertically over the results from your main dataset (report query/datasource).

So you'd have to find a way to iterate over the String values in the object, and then print those results in the report detail band.

Alternatively, if you can edit your bean, then you could define a numerosGuiasComoTabla property for your object, which you would then fill with the strings and spaces to make it look like a table. That'd be tricky, and you'd have to use a monospaced font like Courier New.

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