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How to make subreport height dynamically increase in jasper report


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Hi Friend for this scenario I want to prepare employee's profile details as a pdf page for interview purpose. Employee will give their Competency Details, Experience Details, Education Details, Certification Details and Reference Details etc,

Here every detail's value comes dynamically so that size of the subreport height will increase or decrease based on the values. So how I make size of the subreport height dynamically based on the values, then only I can get good look pdf page. please help me asap.

In this scenario for every detail I have used subreport and placed in main report. If there is no value i got empty space in pdf page, how i resolve this. I have attached sample pdf page here for your concern.

In this pdf page after technical skill i have placed Managerial skill but Managerial skill value is null so that place is empty now itself.

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In order to remove space when no data is present in the subreport, you can follow this:

1. Click on the subreport element you want to remove if the values are null.

2. Go to the properties of the concerned subreport element.

3. Then locate the property called, Remove Line When Blank and check it.


For setting the heights of subreports dynamically(this is by default) and at the same time checking that it does not overlaps the following elements, you need to set the property Position Type as Float.

Hope that this helps.

Ankur Gupta

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