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Cannot upload OLAP schema on Jasperserver


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Hi guys!

I have a OLAP view on my local installation of jasperserver but now when i want to upload it on our productive server i can't upload the OLAP schema...

When i try to browse my xml file (OLAP Schema) i only get the message "The file cannot be uploaded, Please try again"

Now i noticed that i cant upload any file at all thruu the repository.. Why is it like that?

We have some reports already in reports but they are directly uploaded thruu ireport.

Thanks for your help

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Are you running version 4.5.1?  If so, there is a defect that would not allow you to upload resources when security was turned on.  As a workaround, try disabling security in /WEB-INF/classes/esapi/security-config.properties:


# Turns request parameter validation on or off.
# Turns CSRF attack guard on or off.
# Turns sql validation on or off.
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