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Ad-Hoc View with OLAP (XML/A) Connection Extremely Slow


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We're in the process of setting up some connections for our end users to our SQL Server Analysis Services Database, using an XML/A connection. The intended usage scenario for this is for them to access it via the ad-Hoc report tool within Jaspersoft Server.

After creating the connection and making it available, we're finding the performance to be completely unusable. At first we had to configure Tomcat to have 6gb of memory, and 4gb of MaxPermSize memory, and it' uses it (we kept getting out of memory exceptions with anything less). Then to make matters worse, it take about 10 minutes to actually open the Ad-Hoc view/screen/editor after selecting the connection.

Why on earth does it use so much RAM and take so long to open a connection? These aren't remote servers over a WAN, they're on a high-speed LAN in the same data centre. This cube opens instantly in other tools such as Excel and ProClarity, it's only Jaspersoft which takes excessive time. The server is, for the most part, consistently under load while it's opening this connection. It uses on average about 40% CPU, pretty much the entire time it's opening the connection.

What can we do to make this actually usable? Right now end users can't wait 10 minutes for a web page to open. It's unusable for us.


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