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JasperReports + Bar Chart + JRXML


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I am trying to dynamically generate bar charts using Scriptlets and JRBeanCollectionDataSource.

TEST_DATA_SOURCE is a java.util.Listhaving objects, populated by the Scriptlet.

Object contains field as defined in the subDataset.

Issue :

List has 3 objects but it is always printing the bar chart by considering only last object values.

First two objects are not at all considered. There might by some issue with the iteration OR may be I am doing the wrong way.

Please help me in overcoming this issue.

JRXML code snippet :

<subDataset name="SubDataset1" scriptletClass="TestScriptlet">

<field name="_time0" class="java.lang.Integer"/>

<field name="_time_1" class="java.lang.Integer"/>

<field name="_val_time0" class="java.lang.Integer"/>

<field name="_val_time1" class="java.lang.Integer"/>

<variable name="TEST_DATA_SOURCE" class="java.util.List" calculation="System"/>




<datasetRun subDataset="SubDataset1">

<dataSourceExpression><![CDATA[new net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRBeanCollectionDataSource($V{TEST_DATA_SOURCE})]]></dataSourceExpression>




<seriesExpression><![CDATA["# Successful Requests"]]></seriesExpression>





<seriesExpression><![CDATA["# Successful Requests"]]></seriesExpression>





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