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Does JasperReports support PDF/A-3


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Hi AFAIK its still only /A-1a and /A-1b. 


I must admit the two people I know who know about the differences between /A-1 /A-2 and /A-3

see little point in /A-2. And don't really see /A-3 as an improvement at all and mostly think that

/A-3 breaks the PDF mould.


I honestly I do not see how you would go about embeding alternative document formats in

a consistant way using Jasper any how.

I must admit I am not even sure if Adobe Distiller/LiveCycle Generator/Server supports /A-3 fully


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I use JasperReports to create serveral types of documents. One of these documents is an invoice. In germany there is a new specification for transfering invoices, it's called "ZUGFeRD". In these specification it there has to be an xml-file embedded in an PDF/A-3 File.

Does anyone else see a chance to generate a PDF/A-3 document from an jasperreport?


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I have to second the request for PDF/A-2. In order to comply to a specification important to our work, we would have good use for this. For us, this is really not a matter of 'because we can', but of 'because we have to'. Are there any chances to see this supported in the near future?

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Darf man fragen wie der aktuelle Stand bei dir ist bzgl. ZUGFeRD? Wir nutzen auch iReport zum erstellen der PDFs. Da wir diese zukünftig auch als ZUGFeRD-Rechnung ausgeben wollen, suchen wir aktuell nach einer Lösung. Vielleicht kann man sich mal austauschen...
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Any progress regarding support for PDF/A-2 in 2022? I have looked in the PdfaConformanceEnum here: https://sourceforge.net/p/jasperreports/code/ci/master/tree/jasperreports/src/net/sf/jasperreports/export/type/PdfaConformanceEnum.java and could only see Support for PDF/A-1a and 1b, which considering the timespan since the integration of the support for PDF/A-1 (2011), let me think that there is definitely no plans for supporting PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 as well. Any update/relevant info is welcomed.

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