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iReport 5.5 Jasper Libraries Problem


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Hello, I need some guide please!

I downloaded the last version of iReport ...


Then I downloaded what i think the libraries are :



Then in my Java code I'm doing something like this ... 

public byte[] getInformeDiario(){  DsMgr myDb = new DsMgr();  ByteArrayInputStream is=null;  byte[] os = null;   Map parameters = new HashMap();   Connection con = myDb.getConnection();   if (con != null){   is = (ByteArrayInputStream) getClass().getResourceAsStream("/reports/report1.jasper");   //parameters.put("date",myTime);   System.out.println("Hola");   try {    os = JasperRunManager.runReportToPdf(is,parameters,con);   } catch (JRException e) {    // TODO Auto-generated catch block    e.printStackTrace();    System.out.println(e.getMessage());   }finally{    try {     con.close();    } catch (SQLException e) {     // TODO Auto-generated catch block     e.printStackTrace();    }   }  }  return os;}[/code]

But I get this : 

"net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException : Unknown hyperlink target 0" Capturadepantalla2013-11-08ala(s)00_39_29.png.7f0b2b32b052370b1b06af346aa746c9.png


I think the problem are the libraries but I cant identify which one.... Anybody has any ideas? please?


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