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iReports 0.5.0 - classes folder missing

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By: Piyush - piyushrules

iReports 0.5.0 - classes folder missing

2005-06-14 22:43

Hi Everyone,

I have downloaded the iReports 0.5.0 version adn when i tried to start the application was not able to do so. when i compred the contents of this folder with that of the iReports 0.4.1 version that i'm currently using i found that there are 2 folders missing in the iReports 0.5.0 package. these are the classes folder and the target folder. i assume the problem of my not being able to start the application is this. Any solution for this ??

Thanks in advance.





By: Augustin Boteanu - aboteanu

RE: iReports 0.5.0 - classes folder missing

2005-06-30 11:36

Hi, Piyush

I have installed yeserday iReport 0.5.0 and doesn't have any classes and target folders. so probably that's not the problem. i also had problems with it by not being able to run it, but i changed some stuff in one of the .bat files - i don't remember in witch of them :) - iReport.bat, startup.bat, cpappend.bat. Ibelieve the problem in my case was that i had spaces in my classpath and had to put the classpath batween "". Also i'm not sure but i think this is what i changed: set CLASSPATH=""%CLASSPATH%"";.classes (see the double quotes twice!), see witch .bat file has a line like that...

Good luck!

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