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Always print the header of my report without data

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Set the WhenNoDataType to "AllSectionsNoDetail" within the main-Report and also within the SubReport.

So the PAGE_HEADER (what I assume you used for placing your SubReport) is called once and if your SubReport has also a static design that is also rendered without data (e.g. again a PAGE_HEADER) it is rendered for one page if there are no data.

Also you could use the NO_DATA_SECTION to place your SubReport when there are no data from query or external datasource.. then of course the WhenNoDataType has to be changed accordingly.

hth + regards from Germany



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And finally, one last thing if in that same report I have the data in the detail section I still have the full report ??


If you have placed your SubReport into TITLE Section and set the WhenNoDataType to AllSectionNoDetail, then of course the TITLE (with your SubReport placed inside) will appear nevertheless you have data or not (for the master report).

So you have a  - let me call  - STATIC design for Title that ALWAYS appear. (of course your subReport also should render something regardless any data passed)

(I hope, this is what you actually want to achieve!?!?)



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Excuse me, in practice I have a report that will interface with multiple databases and tables are the same just that some are empty other are full! So I would need a single report that when queries the table if they are empty out the header (subreports) if the tables contain data must exit the subreport with the table

c-box thanks for the help

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