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ClassNotFoundException even after I add jar at Build Path

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I've add my application jars at Java Build Path/Libraries and Dataset.

Query Dialog is able to read my classes fields but some of these fields type are another classes at the same package at the same jars.

If I set a TextField with one of these fields whose type is one of my class when I build project I get ClassNotFoundException error.

What I'm doing wrong?

Why 'Java Build Path/Libraries and Dataset' can read my classes but Jasper Builder can't  ?

I'm using Jasper Studio 5.2 standalone.

If I was not clear enough, please, ask me to clarify. English is not my native language.




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Hi could you please log an issue on the tracker?
It would be nice if you add also error log and some additionals details (for example using the community feedback dialog in jss).

Plus if you are able to register a screecast with the operation you perform it would be good in order to better trying to reproduce your problem.

A lot of fixes classpath-related have been done in the upcoming 5.5.0 release. Maybe your problem has already been fixed.

Best regards,

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