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Can't Build Reports Using MongoDB On Windows 8


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Using iReport 5.1.0 and iReport 5.2.0 on Windows 8, I am able to successfully connect to a MongoDB instance, but iReport is unable to query the database.

When I use iReport 5.1.0 on Ubuntu, I am able to connect to and query the database.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might be?  Could this be related to the Java Virtual Machine I'm using?

On Ubuntu I'm using an opensource JVM, but on windows I'm using the latest Oracle SDK.

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What are you using to connect to mongo form Windows, the command line utility or another utility like UMongo http://www.girbal.net/umongo/ ?


Also can you check what error is iReport showing and post the IDE log of iReport (once you get the connection error go to the VIEW menue and select IDE LOG) that will show you the full stack trace and will give you more information.


Here is an example of a failed connection (I used a diferent port)


WARNING [com.mongodb.tcp]: Exception determining maxBSON size using0

java.io.IOException: couldn't connect to [Mariano-MacBook-Pro.local/] bc:java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

at com.mongodb.DBPort._open(DBPort.java:228)

at com.mongodb.DBPort.go(DBPort.java:112)

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