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Tables/Populate database ireport


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What i understand from your requirement is you want to create table and insert data into it through jaspersoft.

But as the jaspersoft is purely reporting tool which is used for BI analysis so i think this may not cater your requirement.

You can check with procedure, function & trigger in query builder may be some alternate way you can calculate and add data to your database.



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Hi d.kanhar

Yes you can. You have to add the new database as an datasource in iReport to be able to work with it.

This is how I work with my data.

I have created a database in Postgresql, created the tables and such, loaded it with some test-data.
Made the connection in iReport to the database and correct table.
Created my report based on the test-data
Set up jaspersoft ETL to load data to my database
Set up jaspersoft Server to  send me a report on a daily basis based on the data loaded by Jaspersoft ETL.

easy does it ;)

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