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Jasperserver is rounding input control to 4 decimals


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I've designed a report in IReport 5.0 with a parameter defined as java.lang.Double. The text field is formatted to show 8 decimals. The report shows the number with the whole 8 decimals in IReport Preview, but in JasperServer, the number entered in the corresponding input control is rounded to 4 decimals, no matter the pattern entered for the input control. How can I assure the server shows the whole 8 decimals, exactly as it shows in IReport? Using iReport 5.0.0 and deploying to Jasperserver CE 4.5.0, the report is saved maintaining compatibility with js 4.5.0

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Solved: Couldn't find a solution within the original server (CE 4.5.0), but upgraded the server to CE 5.2.0 and the problem was solved, input control data is displayed in the report as it was formatted in iReport, no truncation of decimals. I am guessing it is a jasperreports library issue, since the new server is using a newer library, the problem is finally solved. Hope this solutions helps anyone else with the same problem.

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As I mentioned in my latest update, about 3 years ago, the only solution found was to upgrade the Jasperreports Server to version 5.2.0 and the same jrxml showed decimals correctly as formatted in iReport. Did not have the need to use many decimals with newer versions of Jasperserver, so I can't tell if the problem persists or not with new versions. Hope this helps

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