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Custom ChartTheme (spring-bean-based) in Jasperstudio


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I created my own custom charttheme as a spring-bean-based-extension.jar

It works in the runtime if I add the spring-bean-based-extension.jar to the classpath.
But I also want to use the charttheme in Jasperstudio during design-time. Jasperstudio doesn't seem to recognize my custom charttheme meanwhile if I put the spring-bean-based-extension.jar to the classpath of the project.


  • How do I have to configure Jasperstudio/MyProject so that my custom charttheme is available for selection in the properties of the charttheme editor.
  • Is the spring-bean-based charttheme the better one or shall I use the .jrctx approach (castor). I have the problem that I have to remove shadows in PieCharts and Labels and found no solution in the .jrctx apporach, but with the spring-bean approach it's very easy and clear.

BTW: It works in iReport if I add my spring-bean-based-extension.jar to the classpath of iReport.

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Found the solution:

If you take the jasperreports-chart-themes-x.x.x.jar and try to create your custom chart-theme, you 2 possibilities:

  • either just add your customChartPropertiesBean.xml, register it in the chartThemesBeans.xml and repackage to jasperreports-chart-themes-x.x.x.jar
    -> this has the disadvantage that if you like to use this chart-theme, you have to statically package this to your eclipse-plugin net.sf.japserreports_x.x.x.jar to be available during development
  • create your own customChartPropertiesBean.xml, register it in your own customChartThemesBeans.xml and configure this customChartThemesBeans.xml in your jasperreports_extension.properties of your extension jar.
    -> take attention that you use a unique name for your chart themes bundle xml (e.g. myChartThemesBeans.xml), because if you reuse the name "chartThemesBeans.xml" for your custome extension, it won't work!
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