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How to enable/disable input controls sorting


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Hi guys,

I'm using Jasperreport Server 5.1 and i noticed that now input controls can be sorted simply with drag and drop. Is there a way to disable/enable the sorting of input controls by user d&d? I wan't to force my users to follow a path when they input data and i can't do this if they're able to re-order input cotrols.

Thank u,


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Ok i've found a workaround.

In this file: <jasperserver>/WEB-INF/jsp/modules/viewReport/ViewReportState.jsp there's a variable called ${isIcReorderingEnabled}.

I've hard-coded it's value to false and puf... input controls order is fixed.

Sadly, I didn't found out where isIcReorderingEnabled is initialized but i don't need ic sorting enabled so an hard coded value is perfect.

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