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automatic login from a application with php on another sub domain


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Hi all,

i am looking for a solution to do the following:

I have a application based on php with the url like http://phpapp.mycompany.com and the jasper server located at http://jasper.mycompany.com. When i logg into the jasper server there is a jsession cookie set to check if i am logged in. But this sessionid is assigned to the jasper subdomain.

It is possible to login with the url http://jasper.mycompany.com/jasperserver-pro/home.html?j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin but those login information is in plain text what i do not like.

One way is to create a jsession in jasper software and add the session variable to the url like http://jasper.mycompany.com/jasperserver-pro/home.html?JSESSION=1234 to be auto logged in. Is it possible to generate such a session with a SOAP or REST request?

Otherwise i can add encrypted login information to the url and the login function of jasper need to be modified to decrypt the password. I can fill up the user table of the jasper software out of my php application. But i do not know where i need to modify the function. I found a file login.jsp, modified but it did not worked.

I think many people need a auto login functionality into jasper out from their application which is located on another subdomain. The cookies are assigned to the subdomains - that means it is not working to set a cookie out from the php application because the cookie is then stored for http://phpapp.mycompany.com and not for http://jasper.mycompany.com.

Do anybody know a solution for that?

Thanks in advice,



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