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Multiple Rows in cell field of Crosstab Report


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with the name of Allah, the most beneficial, the most merciful


Asslam o Alikum,


I have a iReport 1.2.3 crosstab report, against each row and column multiple records are expected in cell field. But currently cell field only display last record from multiple records.


Any Solution of it.


Take Care

Allah Hafiz


Nasir Zeeshan.

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Aslam o Alikum,


Dear Giulio,


How are you?


my problem is that suppose i have customers as my rows and months as my columns and in cells i want to show "order no" in the cell. againt each customer in a month. A customer can place multiple orders in a month. so againt each customer and month multiple records are expected in the cell portion.

It is working fine in Oracle 9i Reports Developer. but not in iReport 1.2.3.


Have you any solution for that. or any other approach for it.


Take Care


Allah Hafiz


Nasir Zeeshan.

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ok, what you can display in a cell is one or more results of aggregations fuctions (likes sum, average, count,...), each rapresented by a measure.


In your case, the aggregation function should produce a text with all the "order no" of the that customer in that month.


You have to modify the definition of your measure and set a custom IncrementerFactory to create the otput you need in your cell.



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 I am trying to find an answer to this as well. 

I am trying to create a schedule of planned events - on the left axis is the type of event, across the top is the month in which it will occur - within the cell, I'd like to display all relevant values. 

They should be limited to no more then 3-4, so I am trying to devise a workaround to have 5 fixed values - and have them pull the highest row number, second highest row number, third highest etc etc. 

Does anyone else have another option for this?

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 Hm.. Part of my plan was to identify the rank by type and month (left and top axi) and then use an evaluator expression in the crosstab itself to say, 

$V{Grid ValueMeasure} AND rank = 1

$V{Grid ValueMeasure} AND rank = 2



But I'm lost on how to add in this extra measure piece in the expression - any ideas?

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