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Avoid repeated column in jr:table export to CSV


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I am using a jr:table in my report. When I export my report to CSV I am have repeated headers.

But I would like to have the table column header only once in my CSV and then the data. And I dont want to ignore pagination.

I was able to completely avoid the table headers in CSV by using the solution mentioned at


But I would like to have atleast one header so the user knows what data he is looking at in the CSV.

The documented values for {suffix} in net.sf.jasperreports.export.{format}.exclude.origin.keep.first.{suffix}.{arbitrary_name} doesnot tell how to refer a table column header.

Please let me know if this is possible ...



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i have same problem with you,  i using this guide http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14229157/exclude-column-header-but-ke... but the result is no header, to resolve this problem, i combined step by step in   the article with empty table, yes, you create empty table just contain your header and put into real table, and next step right click in your real table and click "bring to front",note: size width every column(real table and empty table) must be same, i know this way is vey pain full, but it's work very well, your report still have paging in browser but if you download in csv format is no paging and have just one header, like do you want

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