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Dynamic recognition of cell type excel


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I have a report that may look like this simplified:

String, String, Integer, Integer, String

Or sometimes, i could change dynamicaly and look like this:

String, String, String, Integer, Integer

Or any other combination.

Is there any way i can get Excel reports to format numbers as numbers and strings as strings?

I can't set the correct datatypes of my textfields in templates, because it is determined on runtime. The only way I see i using the API to replace textfields with designTextfields, which can have their class type set.

Am I missing something, or is this the only way? Any help is very appreciated:)




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Actually.. If you don't know what datatype the fields will be, how do you have them set in the report? I'm pretty sure it just going to determine the cell type based on the datatype of the field, which will remain static after the report is created. How are you dynamically changing the datatypes of the fields in the report?
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That is excatly what I'm wondering how to do. I think "detect cell types" only will read the type of the textfield in the report template, and convert the value to it. What I need is the other way: to read the type of the value, and convert the textfield to it..
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