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Hi Guys,

I am new to iReport. 

I currently have a report that works. I have a sql query and a Sybase Database connection, I am using one paramter, I know of which will return a result set form my query.

I want this report to now act asa sub-report. So dag and drop in the subreport object into the Detail band. Use the wizard to specify the report i want to use, I specify 'use the same  connection used to fill the master report', I also have made a paramter identicle the one i have in the subreport and pair the expression to the parameter name, then finally specify to use "$P(SUBREPORT_DIR) + reportname" durign the subreport exp step as I want to then move it to JasperServer.

OK,so now I have the subreport object is in the detail band.

So i click preview to run the master report, It asks me for the parameter (which - I hope have specified to be passed to the subreport)

BAM "The document has no pages"

Thanks for any helpful advise.
ps. I do notice there is an XML backing to all of this but, if you do post anything related to XML, I am most likely to not understand what you want me to do unless you are very clear :)

Thanks Again,

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Click on the subreport element and be sure that:


1.) The subreport expression is pointing to the correct place

2.) The connection type is "Use a connection expression"

3.) That the connection expression is set to ${REPORT_CONNECTION}


Also be aware that you will need to use the 'repo:/path/to/report' syntax once you deploy them to the server.



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Hey Blake,


I am sure you must ensured that the Main-Report SQL returns some kind of result-set else if it doesn't, the detail band will be empty, hence nothing would be printed including the sub-report.


If the Sub-report paramters do not accept any values from the Main Report-SQL dataset, you might want to move the sub-report to the Summary band.


Either ways, do make sure that your Main-Report SQL does return some kind of dataset.


Let me know if this works.




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