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How to display data in multi detail brands


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Hi All
Iam new to jasper report.
iam using passing list through JRBeanCollectionDataSource()

ename and sal in Deatail brand 1
empno and dept in detail brand 2

I have four fields and need to display data below format

ename1  sal1

ename2  sal2

ename3   sal3


empno1   dep1

empno2   dep2

empno3   dep3

iam trying to add other detail brand.But all the records over lap each other
in below format





Please give solution



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Multiple detail bands are typically used with a printWhenExpression that controls which detail to display based on the detail record - the detail bands do print in the same space.  If you want to print the details as if they are in two rows per detail record, you should just make one detail band that is double height with the fields layed out in two rows within the band.  This will give you the outcome that you are expecting.

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