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       am using jasperserver 4.7.0,am passing parameter decorate=no in url. it's working fine but when open drill down report and click back button for main report the decorations are come how to remove decorations while click back button too in the case of drill down and again if i click back button from main report its going repository. i want disable back button in main reports any ideas.



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Hi mathi,

Please try the below steps:

The modification needs to be done on the “apache-tomcatwebappsjasperserver-proWEB-INFjspmodulesviewReportViewReport.jsp” as follows. I tested it in version 4.5 and it works fine. Hope this will work for you too.

use "requestScope.isSubflow" check in Back button.



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I think you have knowledge in JSP and Servlet. You can set any attributes in request as follows:



isSubflow is set in jaspersoft server codebase.

I retrieved the above value via expression language (EL) as ${requestScope.isSubflow}.

I suggest you to go through head first J2EE book to learn about EL.

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