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JOIN 2 tables from OpenERP & iReport


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Im working with iReport and Ive connected to the db of openERP.

I already pulled data from the invoices table, but it contains a partner_id which is the client name.  I need to get the client name from the res_partner table.  So i think I have to use a join, right?  So I did this:

select * from account_invoice JOIN res_partner ON account_invoice.partner_id = res_partner.id

The problem is that I am not getting the res_partner.name field available from the left pane to drag over to the report designer view.  I only get the account_invoice.partnerid which is no good to me.

If I do select * from res_partner, the res_partner.name field is there, but I need the data joined to the invoices table.

What am I doing wrong?

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Ok I opened up the report again and I clicked on Read Fields, this time it did display both name fields, I checked.  But it wont import them to the report designer because it turns out both name and id are duplicate fields, so I get a duplicate fields error, for now, for the id field.  I guess the same thing will happen for the name field once i resolve the id duplicate. 

My question is, how do i resolve that duplicate issue?

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Ok, try to put an alias to yout table query and put another alias to the duplicate field. Exemples

select A.id as ID_A, B.ID as ID_B from account_invoice A JOIN res_partner B ON A.partner_id =B.id

Try to put in the "select" only the fields that you need and do not use *

Let me know


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