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Set Up Data Source Existing CRM


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I have a CRM system that we are using that has no reporting capability.

I can get to the data in one of two ways:

1) A RESTful API that will return the data in JSON or XML format, or

2) I can export the entire system and it will provide me less than a dozen XML files.

I've tried connecting this reporting system to either/both and have failed.  I would really love some help/direction for either.  

The ideal would be a direct connect to the system using the REST API, but I either would give me a solution that I don't currently have.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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What CRM system is it?  Is it a SaaS based one - I ask because Jaspersoft has some partners that have connectors to many of the SaaS data that is out there.

To actually answer your question, you might check out the following regarding using an XML datasource:




The HBase connector in the exchange area is an example of a custom connector/datasource that has been created to expose data through REST APIs.  If you find that you need something custom, you could look at this as an example of how you might be able to create one.


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